You might call it a Christmas miracle, but this year we’ve got these three boohoo babes under our tree and it’s high time we showed what they’re all about... Adjust your crown, girls. Shop your Queen!

Adjust your crown, girls. Shop your Queen!

Like candy

Forever shining like the star atop her tree, Kendall is the Queen that loves Christmas.

With presents in hand and a tiara on her head, she's a fun-loving, cake-baking, modern day Mrs. Claus.

“Eat, drink and wear pink” is her motto and this year, she’s really going to town.

She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes...

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Ice queen

“Alexandra is our "Ice Queen".

She’s got curves, personality and isn't afraid to show the world what she's all about; and that's why we love her.

She’s the living, breathing embodiment of sexiness, so whether its diamond noodles or a new party two-piece, she shimmers and smoulders at the exact same time.

This is her world and we’re all just living in it...

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The Kaz
that stole

Meet "The Kaz that stole Christmas"

She doesn't give two hoots about Santa and his reindeer; she wants the world to know there’s a dark side to Christmas, and we’re not just talking about her baseball bat.

Sassy yet classy and a little bit badass-y, everyone wants her under their tree this year.

Ain’t you ever seen a Queen be a bad b*tch?

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